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3, 2, 1, Go [Hardback-2018]


3, 2, 1, Go [Hardback-2018]
Virginie Morgand

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Category:ChildrenBasic BooksCounting-Nus
Publisher: Thames && Hudson Uk | ISBN: 9780500651544 | Pages: 48

Count to 20 and back with an amazing animal team!
They re all ready to run, ride, jump, swim and play all day.
On your marks… get set… GO!
There is a cup to win, and all the animals are invited. Virginie Morgand s stylishly illustrated introduction to numbers and counting breathes a real blast of fresh air into the genre. This follow-up to ABC: Off to Sea follows Morgand s boldly rendered animals as they compete in their very own Olympic games. There are weightlifting bears, fast felines, hippos in leotards and more.


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