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At The Sign Of The Sugared Plu

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Publisher: Bloomsbury Uk | ISBN: 9780747561248 | Pages: 176

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You be going to live in the city, Hannah? Farmer Price asked, pushing his battered hat up over his forehead. Wouldn t think you d want to go there Times like this, I would have thought your sister would try and keep you away. Hannah is oblivious to Farmer Price s dark words, excited as she is about her first ever trip to London to help her sister in her shop The Sugared Plum , making sweetmeats for the gentry. Hannah does not however get the reception she expected from her sister Sarah. Instead of giving Hannah a hearty welcome, Sarah is horrified that Hannah did not get her message to stay away – the Plague is taking hold of London. Based on much research, Mary Hooper tellingly conveys how the atmosphere in London changes from a disbelief that the plague is anything serious, to the full-blown horror of the death carts and being locked up – in effect to die – if your house is suspected of infection. A brilliant new departure from this best-selling author. “Mary Hooper is another writer to watch” The Independent


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Knowledgeworld https://knowledgeworld.com.pk/books/at-the-sign-of-the-sugared-plum-sign-of-the-sugared-plum-series-book-1-paperback-2003 At The Sign Of The Sugared Plum: Sign Of The Sugared Plum Series (Book 1) [Paperback-2003] At The Sign Of The Sugared Plum: Sign Of The Sugared Plum Series (Book 1) [Paperback-2003] ₨675.00