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Chicken Soup for The Indian Ro




In a confused and uncertain world, it is love that guides us to our comfort zones, creating joy and making life worth living. Which is why everyone loves a love story. Chicken Soup for the Indian Romantic Soul reaches out to touch your heart with real-life accounts of how that magic state of things came often unbidden into the lives of so many lovers, holding out hope to everyone that romance will, sooner or later, strike the most prosaic of people. The 101 inspirational and moving stories that men and women have shared in this collection include a gamut of experiences: the passion and excitement that only a new love can bring the growth and understanding that arise from facing a challenging time together the love stories in arranged marriages the rediscovering and renewing of a relationship and the sweetness that comes from cherishing precious memories. Filled with eloquence, tenderness and laughter, this uplifting collection of stories will reconfirm your faith in the power of love and romance.



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