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Gold Stars First Numbers Pre-School [Paperback-2010]


Gold Stars First Numbers Pre-School [Paperback-2010]
Penny Glover

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Category:ChildrenBasic BooksCounting-Nus
Publisher: Parragon Uk | ISBN: 9781407597140 | Pages: 24

Helping your child Remember that the activities in this book should be enjoyed by your child. Try to find to quiet place to work. Your child do not need to complete each page in one go. Always stop before your child grows tired, and come back to the same page another time. It is important to work through the pages in the right order because the activities do get progressively more difficult. The answers to the activities are on page32. Always give your child lots of encouragement and praise. Remember that the gold stars and badges are a reward for effort as well as for achievement.


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