Letters To Milena (Vintage Classics) [Paperback-2018]


Category:Biography & AutobiographyBiography & Autobiography – Literary FiguresBiography & Autobiography – Literary Figures
Publisher: Vintage Uk | ISBN: 9781784879211 | Pages: 249


You are the knife I turn inside myself

Franz Kafka s letters to his one-time muse, Milena Jesenska – an intimate window into the desires and hopes of the twentieth-century s most prophetic and important writer

Kafka first made the acquaintance of Milena Jesenska in 1920 when she was translating his early short prose into Czech. Their relationship quickly developed into a deep attachment. Such was his feeling for her that Kafka showed her his diaries and, in doing so, laid bare his heart and his conscience.

While at times Milena s genius for living gave Kafka new life, it ultimately exhausted him, and their relationship was to last little over two years. In 1924 Kafka died in a sanatorium near Vienna, and Milena died in 1944 at the hands of the Nazis, leaving these letters as a moving record of their relationship.


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