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Like Other Girls [Paperback-2017]


Category:ChildrenChildren FictionChildren Romantic Fiction-Rfi
Publisher: Hot Key Books Uk | ISBN: 9781471406348 | Pages: 288

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Magnificent … I recommend highly Marian Keyes

Here s what Lauren knows: she s not like other girls. She also knows it s problematic to say that – what s wrong with girls? She s even fancied some in the past. But if you were stuck in St Agnes, her posh all-girls school, you d feel like that too. Here everyone s expected to be Perfect Young Ladies, it s even a song in the painfully awful musical they re putting on this year. And obviously said musical is directed by Lauren s arch nemesis.

Under it all though, Lauren s heart is bruised. Her boyfriend thinks she s crazy and her best friend has issues of her own… so when Lauren realises she s facing every teenage girl s worst nightmare, she has nowhere to turn. Maybe she should just give in to everything. Be like other girls. That s all so much easier … right?


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