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Restless: Bloomsbury Modern Cl

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A beautiful new limited edition paperback of Restless, published as part of the Bloomsbury Modern Classics list

She continued her cross-examination and watched Romer’s pleasure grow; he was enjoying this, she saw and his enjoyment began to anger her. This wasn’t some pastime, some idle flirtation – her brother was dead.

Eva Delectorskaya, a beautiful Russian émigrée living in Paris, is recruited for the British Secret Service by the mysterious Lucas Romer. Under his tutelage she becomes the perfect spy – trusting no one, even those she loves most. 

Since the close of the Second World War, Eva has carefully rebuilt her life as a typical English wife. But once a spy, always a spy. Now she must complete one final assignment and this time Eva can’t do it alone: she needs her daughter’s help…



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