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Sacrilege Giordano Bruno 3

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Perfect for fans of C.J. Sansom and The Name
of the Rose, the third historical thriller featuring Giordano Bruno,
heretic, philosopher and spy.

London, 1584. Giordano Bruno travels to Canterbury for love. But finds only murder …

Bruno is being followed by the woman he once loved – Sophia Underhill,
accused of murder and on the run. With the leave of the Queen’s
spymaster, he sets out to clear Sophia’s name. But when more brutal
killings occur a far deadlier plot emerges.

A city rife with treachery. A relic steeped in blood.

hunt for the real killer leads to the shadows of the Cathedral –
England’s holiest shrine – and the heart of a sinister and powerful
conspiracy …

Heretic, maverick, charmer: Giordano Bruno is always
on his guard. Never more so than when working for Queen Elizabeth and
her spymaster – for this man of letters is now an agent of intrigue and
danger …



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