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Simple Rules: How To Succeed In A Complex World [Paperback-2016]


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Publisher: John Murray Uk | ISBN: 9781444796575 | Pages: 288

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Life gets more complicated every day. Whether you re struggling with information overload, attempting to act effectively with limited resources or trying to change bad habits – all you need is Simple Rules.

Donald Sull and Kathleen Eisenhardt have spent the last decade working with businesses around the world, and have developed a set of highly effective, tried-and-tested rules to help tackle complex problems, whatever they are. In Simple Rules they share them with you.

So, how do we make the best decisions when deluged with data? How do we solve problems across global networks? And how do we pinpoint what exactly it is that is holding us back from success? Sull and Eisenhardt have distilled two careers-worth of research, experience and work into a much needed guide to achieving our most pressing personal and professional objectives, from overcoming insomnia to becoming a better manager or a smarter investor. Full of tips, illuminating case studies and clear advice, Simple Rules provides the tools you need.


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