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The Teenage Diary Of Nur Jahan {Mehr-Un-Nissa}

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‘Yesterday, by the grace of Allah, I, Mehr-un-nissa, daughter of Mirza Ghiyas Beg and Asmat Begum, completed thirteen years of existence on this earth… Thirteen years…I’m not sure how pleased I am to have reached this significant age.’ Long before she became Nur Jahan—Emperor Jahangir’s last wife and the most influential Mughal queen—she was Mehr-un-nissa. Born to Persian refugees who attained eminence at the Mughal court, Mehr-un-nissa grew up on the fringes of Emperor Akbar’s court in Agra, Kabul and Lahore. In this fictional diary, Deepa Agarwal gives us a glimpse into the queen’s teenage years: how she grows into a strong and passionate young woman; her love for poetry and writing; and her interest in the larger world around her. Her diary also describes the Mughal world through the eyes of a young girl: the vibrant Meena Bazaars; the elaborate festival celebrations; and the intricacies of life in the zenana. But above all, her diary records her ambition to meet the love of her life and also to carve a place for herself in history. A fascinating blend of history and fiction, The Teenage Diary of Nur Jahan brings alive a bygone age in a unique and captivating manner for young readers.

About the Author

Author, poet and translator, Deepa Agarwal writes for both children and adults and has fifty published books to her credit. She has received several awards for her work. Her picture book, Ashok’s New Friends, was awarded the National Award for Children’s Literature by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT), while the historical fiction Caravan to Tibet featured on the International Board on Books for Young People Honour List of 2008.


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