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The Truth Of Different Skies [Paperback-2018]


Category:ChildrenChildren FictionChildren Romantic Fiction-Rfi
Publisher: Little Brown Uk | ISBN: 9781510200203 | Pages: 368

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What makes you abandon your world? How do you say goodbye when it s forever? A heart-breaking story about survival, love and hope. For fans of Meg Rosoff and Beth Revis.

I ve always feared this place would keep me rooted forever . . . but now, without gravity, I m flying, floating, falling

Bea feels trapped. Having never left her small town and with no money or anyone to rely on, she faces the inevitable future of a dead-end job – forced to survive, rather than live.

When a message arrives from space, a mission is planned to travel to its source. Bea knows she has to be chosen to go, no matter what it takes, even though it means leaving Earth forever. Her life has to matter.

Except she didn t plan on falling in love before she left . .


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