The Tyrant’s Tomb:The Trials Of Apollo (Book 4)




Publisher: Puffin Uk | ISBN: 9780141364056 | Pages: 480

The fourth book in Rick Riordan s The Trial of Apollo series. The bestselling top 10 hardback, now available in paperback! Things are getting very bad, very fast, for Apollo . . . The former God Apollo is having a pretty rough time of it. Well, for one thing, he s been turned into a human and banished from Olympus. And he s called Lester. But being an awkward mortal teenager is the least of his worries right now. Though he and some of his friends have emerged from the Burning Maze, rescued the Oracle and lived to fight another day, they can t escape the tragedy that has befallen them, or the terrible trials still to face. So, with heavy heart, Apollo (OK, Lester) and Meg have a triumvirate still to defeat, oracles to rescue, and prophecies to decipher, so that the world may be saved, and Lester may ascend into the heavens to become Apollo once again. But, right now, Caligula is sailing to San Francisco to deal with Camp Jupiter personally, and they have to get there first. Failure would mean its destruction . . .

About the Author

Rick Riordan, dubbed storyteller of the gods by Publishers Weekly, is the author of five New York Times number-one bestselling book series with millions of copies sold throughout the world: Percy Jackson, the Heroes of Olympus and the Trials of Apollo, based on Greek and Roman mythology; the Kane Chronicles, based on Egyptian mythology; and Magnus Chase, based on rse mythology. Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, Rick s first novel featuring the heroic young demigod, won the Red House Children s Book Award and – along with the sequel, Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters – was a blockbuster film franchise starring Logan Lerman


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