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This Book Will Make You Fearless [Paperback-2016]


Category:SelfhelpSelf ImprovementSelf Improvement-Sim
Publisher: Quercus Uk | ISBN: 9781786481405 | Pages: 176


Take on January with new-found serenity with this series of self-help books Stylist

Overcome your fears and change your life.

We all feel frightened sometimes – it s totally natural – but if fear is holding you back, making you feel stuck in a rut and hindering your ambitions, it s time to make changes.

Jo Usmar provides a concise, straight-forward guide to battling your fea There are strategies, tools and relatable examples throughout that offer simple and effective ways to feel brave, independent and confident. Pushing through your fear will allow you to take back control of your life so you can make changes, accept that you have choices and recognise that you absolutely can cope with whatever life throws at you. Anxiety is one of the biggest mental health challenges of our times. Rather than a downbeat coping with book this is an inspiring modern take on feel the fear and do it anyway .

Chapters include: CBT-based techniques, dealing with physical anxiety, getting to the root cause of your fear, negotiating obstacles, stopping self-sabotage, building confidence, combatting guilt and shame, feeling more powerful, breaking negative patterns.

Praise for This Book Will series:

Top tips for making your life loads better. Cosmo

The answer to all my problems. Katie Piper


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