Blue Lock (Volume 9) [Paperback-2023]


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Publisher: Kodansha Comics | ISBN: 9781646516667 | Pages: 208

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A mad young coach gathers soccer players from across the country to compete in a series of bizarre challenges in a high-tech colosseum he calls Blue Lock. It s a no-balls-barred battle to become Japan s next top striker, in this Squid Game–meets–World Cup manga, now available in print!

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Thanks to Barou s awakening, Isagi s team manages to defeat the trio of Kunigami, Chigiri, and Reo. And the one that Isagi chooses to steal is… The new four-man team sets out for a rematch against the Top Three and Bachira. Will the “monster” that fuels Isagi s ego be enough to take down the prodigy striker Rin Itoshi?!


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