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My So-Called Phantom Lovelife [Paperback-2011]


Category:ChildrenChildren FictionChildren Romantic Fiction-Rfi
Publisher: Piccadilly Press Uk | ISBN: 9781848121348 | Pages: 224

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Boyfriend troubles? Try dating a ghost!

When fourteen-year-old Skye Thackery meets Owen Wicks, it s not exactly love at first sight. She s getting over a broken heart and he s, well, a ghost. But as Skye gets to know him, she can t help wondering what it would be like to kiss him. Dating a ghost isn t easy, and things get worse when Owen declares he s found a way to stay with Skye for ever. His plans make her uneasy – the shadowy organisation which claims to be able to help him is bad news, and it seems Nico, her ex, is involved too. As Owen prepares to risk everything, Skye begins to wonder if she really has a future with him, or if his desire to be more than just a ghost will cost them everything?


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